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Core Segments and Engagement in:

  • Simulated Environment for Pharmaceutical Organisations
  • Pharmaceutical Operation Verticals: Research & Development, Formulations, API Manufacturing, Quality Control, Quality Assurance , Regulatory Affairs, Plant Management & Business Development with Quality management and Operational Efficiency enhancements. Risk Assessment, Root Cause Analysis, Investigations, Documentation & inculcating and instilling CAPA philosophies. Elements of Aseptic Processing, Sterilization, Filtration and Microbiological Practices.
  • Biopharmaceutical Operation Verticals: Qualification and Validation of Aseptic Operations, Vaccine Manufacturing, Therapeutic Protein Manufacturing, Monoclonal Antibodies Manufacturing, Novel Drug Therapy & Scale up, Microbiology Operations with Quality management and Operational Efficiency enhancements.
  • Pharmaceutical Allied-Service providers: Documentation for Facility Consultation & Certification, Carving Procedural Excellence Models & Productivity Enhancement through adoption of SPC & Six Sigma, Best-in-segment Practices for People & Processes.
  • Pharmaceutical Operation Verticals: Carving Excellence Models & Best Practices; Productivity Enhancement through adoption of SPC & Six Sigma, Team Building and strengthening work etiquette.

Corporate Values

Our Vision

  • We are the leading Enablers-Of-Learning (EOL) in the industry, cutting across line and function for all professionals.
  • We are the Technical Experts(TE) to the industry for adoption of learning, strategizing implementation and bringing excellence in regulatory compliance to current practises.
  • We are the Experts-For-Customization (EFC) providing specific solutions to client concerns in the areas of product-service, quality, procedures/processes and people related issues.

Our Mission

  • Be a strategic partner of choice for all forward looking employers/organizations, for all aspects of people related productivity and effectiveness enhancement techniques.
  • Build core competencies and capabilities around the people and processes that constitute the organization, through talent assessment and gap identification.
  • Identify and develop solutions to bridge gaps for technocrats/professionals and processes, with appropriate and adequate domain knowledge, experiential hands-on customer-facing skills, problem-solving skills and the attitudes that fit the role/culture.

Crafted By

Ivy Louis –

M.Pharm; MBA(HRM); CPBA-CPVA certified

Holds a Masters in Pharmacy with MBA(HRM), leveraging over two decades of experience- spanning over teaching, pharmaceutical operations (solid dosage forms manufacturing) and Quality Assurance, backed up with establishing the Filtration & Validation service vertical in the allied sector for Aseptic processing of API and formulations, topped with fundamentals of heading Human Resource Management Function.Proficient with technical skill-sets, essential in regulatory, operational and quality domains of biologics & pharmaceuticals.

Has a critical in-depth understanding of Aseptic processing, Sterility Assurance, Filtration/filter validation, Clean Areas & Environmental Monitoring, Microbiological Logic for shopfloor implementation & validation practices for assurance of quality. Competent in Consulting with Gap Analysis, Training, Auditing and “Implementation” of Learning. Leading individuals & teams, to comprehend science in operations, apply logic in quality, uncovering the foresight to risk assessment and management, supporting with articulation in documentation and going beyond the regulatory expectations continues to be the hallmark of the training & consulting framework.

Prime Areas:

  • Soft skills: Building Leadership in pharmaceutical industry professionals, Sales & Service Teams, Character Building for key account management, Communication, Customer Service, Conflict management & Issue resolution, Creativity , Competency Assessment in Sales & Service Teams/Operational teams, Dealing with Negative Attitudes, Leadership, Motivation, Negotiations, Organizational development & Time Management.
  • Technical skills: Building technical skills in pharmaceutical industry professionals & building technical competence in Sales Teams for Service providers to the pharmaceutical industry.

Vishal Sharma –

M.Sc (Microbiology)

Has a Masters in Microbiology, leveraging the expertise from having started with the quality operations in the API and Formulation setup, facing the regulatory audits and having handled the Validation Laboratory establishment & functioning. Has played a crucial role in helping many pharmaceutical functions evolve, especially in the oncology research/development, scale-up, production, monitoring and validation. Holds the core competency of aseptic process review and optimization brings regulatory compliance’s – from identifications of equipment and process suppliers/vendors to adopting cGXP practices for organizational technical and process capacity building, to reality.

Early years of being in the pharmaceutical industry in microbiology has helped in embedding the principles of being an excellent solution provider to Microbiology Functions in biopharmaceutical organizations especially in the aseptic areas. Ability of leading teams with elements of optimization, rationalization, change, daily governance, strategic planning, team building, leadership development, and conflict management. Engages individuals and teams to comprehend the impact of an organization’s process optimization, with a particular emphasis on the effects of return on investment in aseptic processing, microbiology & sterilization.

Prime Areas:

  • Soft skills: Building Customer Orientation in pharmaceutical industry professionals, Sales & Service Teams, Excellence in customer relationship management, Creating Unique selling Propositions, Customer Service Excellence, Customer Expectation , Negotiation & tactics
  • Technical skills: Building technical skills for pharmaceutical industry operational teams & sales teams. Enabling technical competence in areas of Microbiological & Aseptic perspective for service providers to the pharmaceutical industry.

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