Performance Oriented Support

“Excellence is in doing ordinary things extraordinarily well” – John W. Gardner

Learning Experience Support

Everyone of us has the urge to contribute positively and success lies in having to learn “WHAT” allows us to rise.

Advancing Technology at Work

Practical “HOW TO” answers provide directions to apply appropriate technology at work.


VIENNI provides services to the bio-pharmaceutical industry.
Our solutions include learning programs, project consultation and assessment solutions.

Certification Programs

With the rapidly changing scope of our pharmacy practice, it is becoming increasingly important that pharmacists progress with the times.

Soft Skills Training

Accuracy, Integrity, Science & Maths Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Advocacy, Management Skills, Ability to Multitask, Diplomacy, Ability to Prioritise

Auditing Services

Finding faults is easy and doesn’t require exceptional skills, hence our auditing services, are not the regular ones. When you’d want to get to the bottom of your concerns around “People & Process” aspects, call us in.

Regulatory & Quality Services

Having the appropriate Quality Management System and complying with Good Manufacturing Practices requirements is a must for pharmaceutical.

Technical Training

People working in the operational areas of the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient(API) or in dosage forms, are to be equipped with multiple faculties. Although the educational course brings them to appreciate the science of manufacturing or testing, the he(art) of the matter is when fundamental concepts of the sciences are clarified, deliberated and

Qualification & Validation Services

The requirements for Qualification and Validation services range between a paper based assessment and an actual assessement, of the equipment/instrument. The ability o “foresight and prevention” is what differentiates our teams efforts in this domain.

About Us

We are the leading Enablers-Of-Learning (EOL) in the industry, cutting across line and function for all professionals.

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Corporate Office:  #427/2, 7th A Cross, ‘A’ Sector, Yelahanka New Town, Bangalore – 560064

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Core Segments and Engagement in:

Pharmaceutical Operation Verticals: Carving Excellence Models & Best Practices; Productivity Enhancement through adoption of SPC & Six Sigma, Team Building and strengthening work etiquette.

  • We are the leading Enablers-Of-Learning (EOL) in the industry, cutting across line and function for all professionals.
  • We are the Technical Experts(TE) to the industry for adoption of learning, strategizing implementation and bringing excellence in regulatory compliance to current practises.
  • We are the Experts-For-Customization (EFC) providing specific solutions to client concerns in the areas of product-service, quality, procedures/processes and people related issues.
  • Be a strategic partner of choice for all forward looking employers/organizations, for all as-pects of people related productivity and effectiveness enhancement techniques.
  • Build core competencies and capabilities around the people and processes that constitute the organization, through talent assessment and gap identification.
  • Identify and develop solutions to bridge gaps for technocrats/professionals and processes, with appropriate and adequate domain knowledge, experiential hands-on customer-facing skills, problem-solving skills and the attitudes that fit the role/culture.

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